What we do

Uno Duo create video content. From the initial concept, through to producing and shooting and finally editing and motion graphics – we get the job done.

Our goal is to make good content creation accessible to everyone. You don’t need a million dollar budget or a massive film crew to make stories worth watching.

At Uno Duo we believe in storytelling and authenticity. Good content should engage the viewer and convey its message. Whether it’s to inform, educate or simply entertain it should never waste our time.

We hope that if you work with us you’ll get more than just a video in the end. The process of creating a video requires everyone involved to think deeply about the subject. Whether it’s your brand, business, event or tutorial – we want to present your story in the best possible light. Sometimes you are so close to what you do and the tasks you perform every day that it is easy to forget what makes you special and unique. The process of creating a video with us will help you get in touch with what makes you tick, so you can share that with your customers and potential clients. We guarantee that you will walk away from the journey feeling more inspired.