Who We Are

At the heart of Uno Duo is Angie and Matt, a husband and wife team, who together have all the combined skills necessary to create your video content.
Matt is a well-respected magazine journalist, published across various music, sport and lifestyle publications such as Rolling Stone, Street Machine and Foxtel magazine. He is also a self-publisher in the niche music magazine industry and has edited his own title for over a decade. Alongside the interviewing and writing skills that come with the territory of journalism, Matt has a long history of filming and recording interviews and live music events, which is where he gained his experience in camera and sound recording and directing shoots.
Angie is a professional video editor with over a decade of experience working for large advertising agencies and postproduction companies. As a corporate video editor, she has worked with big brands such as Telstra, Commonwealth Bank and Toyota. Her background in editing has given Angie an innate understanding of coverage and visual storytelling which guide her approach to shooting and directing.
Over the years we have built strong relationships with our colleagues in production, advertising, marketing and publishing and we have access to great talent and resources when we need to expand our team.
Uno Duo have taken their years of experience working in large agencies, production companies and publishing houses and distilled that same level of service and professionalism into a much leaner operation – creating great content on smaller budgets.